Sunday, February 23, 2014

Folks at Nerdcorps

Last September I got a job a Nerdcorps as a Imaging PA, been working there for about eight months now its pretty fun. Getting to see the animators animations and then rendering them. So here is that thing I do every once and a while, where I draw the cool and talented artist I have met in the industry.   
Clint Gamble

Derek Chappell

Liam O' Loughlin

Nicholas Hogan

Shawn Gulley

Chase Waller

Jeff Amoako

Gian Inocencio

Robin shea

 Allison Taniguchi

 Brad Kvist

Joshua Eckland

Peter Ferreira
Monsi Del Rosario

Cameron Craddock

Scott Wilson

Marvin Chua

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