Friday, October 26, 2012

Wreck-it Ralph

  I am super excited to finally see this movie. After hearing review lately there is a lot of heart to this movie and they don't pay too much attention to the real video game characters which I glad to hear, but some people aren't happy that a real video game character didn't have a main role. So far everyone that had seen it find it to be the best animated movie this year!  I also cant wait for Rise of the Guardians, both films from the trailers look great to me.
  I was watching an interview with Rich Moore and he said that there are going to be a stories after the movie, and there will be a actual video game with the characters from wreck it Ralph and you will be able to play as the characters from the movie.definitely pick that up!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gaining Weight..

  After working hard for 2 years  at the Arts institute and having  really no life but eat, sleep and animate, I have gained a few pounds i don't know what the exact scale is but it feels....not healthy. 

  Its hard for me to go out in pubic with it hanging out. 

  Time to start working out :P

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Costumes

   Oh boy! Halloween is coming up this month, time to decide what costume to wear this year. Yay!

    I have had several cool costumes in the past and they all slowly started look cheaper.
when I was younger I think, grade 1 I had a Picachu costume. Then grade 2 I had a Hercules costume not the Disney Hercules but the live action one. It came with muscles which was pretty cool except the suit was white because Hercules is a white guy and I am brown. The skin tone didn't match but I was happy. I don't remember what other costumes I had, I think I was a kung-fu guy for several years.

    I stopped wearing costumes for a while until grad 7. I found those glasses with the fake nose and mustache and wore that out for Halloween. I got laughs at school, but when I went out to trick or treat no body would give me any candy. But I think I know the reason why, it was just me my buddy Ed walking from door to door asking for candy with no costumes and I was the one with fake glasses and nose. But we were kids someone should have gave us candy. Anyway once high school hit going out for trick or treating was lame and no body did anything the older kids did it but as a kid in 8 grade it wasn't "cool" plus I didn't know what to wear I didn't have any good ideas.

   A couple years past and then I watched Michael Bay's Transformers and my mind was blown and then I had an idea "that's what I was going to be! Optimus Prime"
but I didn't want to buy a Optimus Prime costume I wanted to make one and I wanted to design the costume so when I scrunch myself like a ball on the ground it would transform in to a truck. (there are videos on you tube of people that have made it, it is really cool.) Also it was the generation 1 transformers Optimus just because there was no way I could figure out out to build the live action movie one. I was doing pretty well I made the chest and the shoulders,arms,legs of it all out of cardboard. but it was not done. I needed a helmet  that's when I went to Toys R Us and bought myself the voice changer Optimus Prime helmet. Which is a really cool toy. I then realized that if I was to wear this to school it was be a disaster! I would have to change all the time and sitting in my desk would be a pain. For some reason I also imagined kids kicking me, or me falling over and having a hard time getting up. So on the day of Halloween I wore a red top shirt, blue jeans with my transformers helmet and went to school like that. I was the only Optimus Prime there and all the students wanted to try the helmet including the teachers.That was fun.

   The next year I graduated from high school and during that October I was started to go to the Arts Institute already. My parents were out of town at the time so I stayed at my niece and nephews place. On Halloween I went out trick or treating with the kids and I didn't notice this but from the clothes I was already wearing I looked like Justin Beiber so I just went with that and called myself Brown Beiber. 

  The next year during summer time, the music video for Bruno mars Lazy song played and in the background there were the monkeys in the checkered shirts i the video and I said to my friends lets be those guys for Halloween and everyone one was on board until we went to to costume shop and the monkey masks were 35 or 40 bucks and everyone bailed out, it was a expensive mask and when are we going to use it again? also in the store there were white mask just like the Jabbawockeez mask and they were 10 bucks. Cool so now were going to be the Jabbawockeez but none of us knew how to dance...We went out to downtown Vancouver and people were taking pictures with us. it was a pretty fun night.

2012 this year I'm thinking should I stay cheap or go all out. My friends and I thought it would be funny to dress as Morpheus, Josh Burton's animation rig  but I have no clue as to how we are going to build this costume with the controls. But if that dose not work, I'm thinking of dressing as a cowboy because I have most of the clothing already. except for the mustache I might have to grow it or if I can't then buy one.If that dose not work out then maybe I'll be Abed from community. There is a certain way Danny Pudi acts when hes Abed I feel like I can do that. OR I can be evil Abed that would be pretty funny! Or Abed as batman? hmm

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Graduation from the Arts Institute of Vancouver

I have recently graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver from Animation Art & Design about two weeks ago, it was a fantastic two years and I've met a lot of great people with amazing talent and I cant wait for the future in the animation industry.Check out my Character Animation Demo Reel tell me what you think!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Friends at the Arts Institute of Vancouver

Some of the cool and inspiring people I met at my two years at the Arts Institute of Vancouver.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rammer-doo where are you??

One day I just randomly had a idea,what if my friends were the cast of scooby-doo what would they look like? and then I drew this.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Inspartions: My Niece and Nephew

  One of the few reasons of why I chose to be a animator, is because of two special people in my life, they are my niece and nephew and part of being an animator is to be a kid at heart and playing with these kids have helped me alot of coming out with stories and ideas for animation, they both really love cartoons especially my nephew he is a big fan of the movie Cars and spiderman, batman, superman and ducktales.That is amazing because not alot of kids are attracted to the older generation of cartoons like he is and he's only four years old , that is so awesome.The part that inspires me the most, is how much he loves these charatcers, and my job is to make cartoons and to have kids like my nephew look up to these characters and play with toys and make stories really touches my heart,  because that is how I want the audience to feel. When ever I get a chance to hang out with them its not babysitting. It is learning from them. If you where to ask a four - eight year old a story any story, it is really amazing to hear what they can come up with.

  Actually the way I came up with one of my demo pieces im working on with the boy and the robot, ( I posted  the boards a couple months ago) has alot to do with my nephew, it is basically him just a little older, but when ever we play together im always the bad guy and he is the hero, while we are playing its like hes trying to save me to turn into a good guy because he dosent want to fight me, yeah we wrestle but in the end he cuddles me, and thats how I came up with the idea for that piece.

  These are just some drawing I drew of me and them playing , i just wanted to say thanks to them, for having such a HUGE effect in my animation life and inspiring me every time we get to spend time together. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Animators at AI

More caricatures of animators at AI

Nick Nøstbakken

Friday, July 6, 2012

red seven WIP

My second dialogue storyboards, about two spacesoliders with the younger guy wants to go way from the training feild, and the older guy pulls him back. full canimatic link

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Here are the boards for my Dialogue piece. The homless man is crazy, that he is talking to animals but in the end theres a twist and the bird talks and expresses her feelings and so there was a relationship here.full animatic is at the link.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the boy's room -Action piece

Here are some of the posters that are in the boys room when we enter the 3d world, some of the poster are cut off in the shot because of the camera but here are the posters

 This one I asked my niece to draw for me, thanks Shreya :)