Monday, June 3, 2013

The Fantastic Four

This group of heroes is what got me starting to read comics, they are definitely one of my favorite groups of heroes. I am excited to see what Marvel brings to the big screen with the new reboot. 


 Recently I have been Rotomating at Gener8 where we make 2D to 3D stereo conversions for theatrical films, which awesome and while working at Gener8 I met some awesome Artists there. Part of what I love to do besides the animation part is meeting great and talented artists, So here are some of them. I have yet to finish the rest the people I've met. 

Joe the cat Cartoons!

Because I am a big fan of the Roosterteeth podcast's I thought it would be cool if I made animated adventures of  Joe the cat, who is a cat that lived in the Roosterteeth building but now lives with Burnie, These cartoons are just the stories that Joe the cat "had" while living in the building along side with Gus Sorola and the rest of the Roosterteeth crew. I tried to make these cartoons more like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, but with limited animation. These episodes are for the Fans and Crew at Roosterteeth but still make it entertaining enough for the people that don't know these characters. You can check out the episodes by clicking on the titles 

Also During The time of making these cartoons I didn't have the proper tools for adding audio but later episodes I definitely will.